Connect Your Elastigroup to Azure’s Application Gateway

Elastigroups on Azure have really picked up steam and the response from our customers has been exciting. One request that came up often was to support Azure’s Application Gateway, the standard Layer 7 load balancer on Azure. Today we’re happy to announce that Elastigroups can now be easily registered to an Application Gateway’s Backend Pool. The Elastigroup can also be assigned to multiple Backend Pools, as well as a combination of Backend Pools and Spotinst Multai Load Balancer Target Sets.

To get started, log on to your Spotinst account connected to Azure and enter the Creation Wizard. In the Compute tab, under the Load Balancers section, select the desired Backend Pools.

It’s a simple as that. All VMs launched by the Elastigroup will be registered to the select Backend Pools automatically. As expected with Elastigroups, this includes groups with multiple VM types or a combination of Regular and Low-Priority VMs.

Head to the Spotinst Console and try the Application Gateway integration out today!